Organic Experience Revitalizing the Senses


 The body operates as a whole. Why should beauty be any different? Indulge
yourself in exclusive Science spa treatments and experience a revitalization of
mind, body and soul. We offer services that make you feel incredible and
transform your spirit. Our spa treatments are provided in a natural and
calming, earth-friendly environment.

Equestrian Bodywork horse

Harmony in motion.
Optimal results.
Rider mobility.
Suppleness & lengthen stride.
Equestrian advantage.

The Timeless Massage makes the perfect gift. Gift Certificates are available in any denomination.

Extend your eyelashes. Get those Hollywood eyelashes that you have always wanted.

Equestrian bodywork is beneficial to the health and well being of your horse. Increase stride, suppleness and harmony for your horse.

Timeless Sage Massage & Beauty Studio is dedicated to The Art of Natural Therapeutics.

Timeless Sage

Utilizing modalities of bodywork proven throughout time to be effective tools in reduction of stress in the body & mind.  Creating a harmonious state of well being. Here is a place for you to come rejuvenate and de~stress and be Hollywood Glamorous.

Feeling beautiful is looking beautiful at Timeless Sage Massage & Beauty Studio and Equestrian Bodywork!